Spotlight: Fraser Williamson

Fraser Williamson began volunteering with Bissell Centre just over two years ago. During this time, he has shared more than 800 hours of his life with our staff and community. Fraser first started volunteering in Drop-In as he settled into retirement. When the new housing program – Homeless to Homes (H2H) – was created a year ago Fraser transferred his volunteerism to this area.

Fraser’s work with H2H is hands-on and incredibly beneficial. He has created manuals and brochures for the H2H participants to capture information that used to be communicated verbally. He created Voter Information Packages for our participants during the last civic election. He brings a lot of value to the team, going above and beyond all the staffs’ expectations.

One of the H2H staff comments, “He is a good and wonderful person. He is kind and demonstrates a lot of empathy to the participants, always smiling and so humble. He’s definitely a keeper.” And another remarks, “Fraser is a great guy, he has made my life 100 times easier. We embrace him as a member of our team and we are really happy to have him.”

Many thanks to Fraser and all of our volunteers for truly making a difference!

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