The Community Bridge is a rapid response intervention providing eviction & utilities support to stop an eviction, disconnection or foreclosure. It is a one-time assistance program to be used as a last resort once all other options have been explored. Households working with Community Bridge need to be willing to explore with us all resources available to prevent their loss of housing.

Community Bridge case management includes financial coaching to create a budget and a financial action plan, assistance to find and apply for any benefits or grants you may be eligible for, referrals for additional programs, support to negotiate with your landlord/utility company, and support to create a sustainable plan for your future to get through this crisis.

Some households, if eligible, may also be able to access no-interest loans for rental, mortgage, or utility arrears. Some households, if they are not sustainable in their current housing can be supported to move into housing that fits their budget.

The Community Bridge process is as follows:

1. Fill out online application form.
2. You will be contacted by a worker to provide documentation, schedule appointment and complete Acknowledgment form
3. Attend an approximately 90 minutes online or phone appointment
4. Successful eligible loan applications are approved, processed, and a cheque is mailed to the creditor.
5. We will call you at 1, 3 and 6 months to see how you are doing and support you with additional referrals if needed.

We know this is a very stressful and difficult time for you. We will work quickly to urgently address your needs and hopefully prevent your loss of housing. Our process on average takes 3-7 days with expediency to address imminent evictions/disconnections before they happen.

This program is offered in partnership with:

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