Our Mental Health support staff work with individuals who have mental health concerns, and often concurrent addictions issues, who do not have appropriate supports to address their daily living needs. Mental Health Services staff help people to function successfully in the community by reducing the barriers involved in meeting their economic, social and personal needs.

We help people to function successfully in the community by reducing barriers to meet their economic, social and personal needs.

We take a community-based approach to case planning that involves goal setting and planning with the participant.   Our goal is to empower individuals to connect independently with appropriate community-based programs that address mental health and/or addiction concerns on an ongoing basis. We seek to develop productive working relationships with community members, program partners and community agencies.

According to individual needs, our staff members facilitate connections with internal and external programs and resources, such as doctors, counsellors and other mental health professionals.   We also provide individuals with outreach support, empowering our community members to address their ongoing needs.

Our mental health services staff support individuals to realize their own abilities, enabling them to cope better with usual life stressors.

Once the appropriate housing and medical supports are in place, our staff help participants to identify other areas of need within their lives, such as acquiring identification, getting involved with leisure activities, or connecting with social supports.



Manager, Integrated Services
Jennifer McDonald-Robinson

Mental Health Support Worker




"I would be lost without you guys!"

– Cynthia, Participant

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