Workforce Development Program

Workforce Development is our robust, employment training program. We have temporarily paused our intake for new students. This means that we cannot accept new applicants for this program right now. Please check back for more information and updates on when we can once again accept new applicants.

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Looking for workers?

Workforce Development Details

Bissell Centre’s Workforce Development program will pay you to learn and build your skills for long-term jobs and careers.

Interested in working a forklift or doing other warehouse jobs?
How about learning new skills in the kitchen to work as a prep cook or line cook?

We also offer general administration and labour programs. These are the skills needed for today’s workforce — and for steady employment.

In total, the Workforce Development Program is a 26-Week program that is made up of three distinct sections (Skill Development, Work Exposure and Work Maintenance).

Skill Development (14 weeks)

This is the in-class portion of the program. During this time, participants will learn and develop life skills and pre-employment skills. Gain the skills required for maintaining long-term employment with supports tailored to specific needs. While participating in the Skill Development phase of the program, participants will receive a daily living allowance.

Work Exposure (12 weeks)

A Work Exposure placement is a chance to experience working for an employer while being supported by Bissell Centre. This part of the program helps further develop work habits and ethics while learning employer expectations, supervision and safety standards on-the-job. These placements take into consideration participants’ personal preferences, location, role, environment, participant ability, company needs, potential salary and the likelihood of hiring upon completion of this part of the program.

Work Maintenance (8 weeks)

Participants will be provided with support for up to 8 weeks after the Work Exposure period ends. Program staff will do periodic check-ins with the employer and the participant, individual coaching and additional training sessions if needed and offer one-on-one support. If any questions or concerns come up, help will be available through a phone call, email or onsite visits.

Skill Development Topics and Activities

  • Interviewing skills
  • Resume writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • Job search skills
  • Responsibilities and acceptable behaviours at work
  • Self-marketing
  • Effective and appropriate communication
  • Developing self-supporting routines
  • Financial empowerment
  • Computer basics
  • Workplace rights and responsibilities
  • Positive ways to engage the community
  • Self-Care
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Mental Health


The Workforce Development Program has come to fruition with the aid of a Government Grant, and the mission of our program is simple; to help eliminate employment barriers for Albertans looking to re-enter the workforce.
Learn more about the program’s goal and objectives.

Employment Services

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Workforce Development

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"I want to thank all of the Employment Services Staff for all that you have done for me."

– R. Albenie, Participant

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