Meet Maureen: Volunteer Extraordinaire!

Bissell Centre relies on over 1,300 volunteers every year who give 17,000 hours assisting participants and staff in many of our programs.

Whether it’s serving meals in our Drop-in Centre or making our Summer Camps a memorable experience for families, our volunteers are making a difference in the lives of people in our community.

We are celebrating the achievements of our volunteers during National Volunteer Week and we had an opportunity to connect with Maureen, a dedicated volunteer in our Childcare, to share her thoughts about volunteering.

What motivates you to be a volunteer?

“Volunteering is a gift you are given from the universe. As corny as that sounds I truly believe it. I started volunteering at a young age, even before it was popular and the joy I receive every time I volunteered made me want to come back for more.”

What do you like most about volunteering at Bissell Centre?

“I started volunteering with Bissell Centre because they required assistance in the Childcare. At that time I had been involved with two young children and they had moved away. I found I really missed the interaction with children and started looking for a way to fill that gap. Then I saw the ad that really changed my life about volunteers needed for the Childcare. I contacted the volunteer coordinator and applied. As I waited for my clearance to come through I volunteered in the kitchen as well as an Income Tax Preparer. It was in the orientation they said “you can’t change the whole world but you can make one person’s world better.” That is now my goal.”

What’s your favorite experience with volunteering at Bissell Centre?

“My favorite experience, one that brings me joy and happiness every time it happens, is walking into the Childcare preschool room on Friday morning and having at least one and sometimes as many as five or six children come running to give me a hug. What could be better?”

What makes Bissell Centre a special place to volunteer?

“I have been volunteering for a year at Bissell Centre and have come to know some of the staff. They are amazing. Every staff member who I meet gives more than is expected. This isn’t just a job to them, it is a life. They care, they give, they are amazing. The Bissell staff make volunteering a joy”.

What are your favourite hobbies outside of volunteering?

“When I am not volunteering at Bissell Centre I enjoy downhill skiing, gardening, cooking and of course my three weeks in May of learning through the Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association. Retirement has been great!”

Do you want to make a difference for people in our community? Come volunteer with us! 


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