All this time, we’ve had a hidden gem!

Bissell Centre’s Thrift Shoppe has always been a valuable resource for us. It’s a place where we can help ensure that our community members, friends and neighbours have a place to purchase good quality products at very affordable prices. It’s where we are able to get donations to help stock our Community Closet, providing household necessities and clothing to severely impoverished individuals and families as we work to help them transition out of poverty. Our Thrift Shoppe is also, apparently, one of Edmonton’s best kept secrets!

When Edmonton Journal columnist Michael Hingston tweeted about his visit to the Thrift Shoppe, the response he got was “SHHH!!! That’s the SECRET BOOKSTORE!”

Hingston wasn’t content keeping it a secret though, writing about our amazing volunteer Margaret Mooney, and how much he enjoyed the store, the stock and the unbeatable prices was his way to share this rare gem with fellow book lovers. He later tweeted “today’s column, about #yeg’s best-kept bookstore secret, is my all-time favorite.”

What wasn’t mentioned in the article was that the Thrift Shoppe is a vital resource and a successful social enterprise for Bissell Centre. With last year’s sales through the store totalling almost $900,000 and the net proceeds supporting our programs that move people out of poverty, it’s a fantastic shopping trip for you, and a great source of support for Bissell Centre.

JOE FM Gathers Winter Clothing Donations

Bissell Centre got a call from J’Lyn Nye from Corus Radio’s JOE FM!   She wanted to know if Bissell would benefit from some donations of warm, winter clothes.   I said, “Of course we could!” as our clients visit our Community Closet for their clothing needs – especially when it gets cold.   When I asked her what had inspired her, she said that she was at home watching the news, when the idea came to her, “I must do something for Edmontonians who don’t have enough warm clothes!”  

One idea, a couple calls, some on-air announcements and several tweets later the Corus lobby was full of donations.

More than ten bags of winter coats, sweaters, gloves, mitts, toques, scarves and so much more were delivered to us.   A single thought from a person with a caring heart created a tremendous movement to provide warmth for those who are cold and often at risk for frostbite.

Bissell Centre is creating a movement to end poverty.   We are partnering with individuals, businesses, schools and anyone who yearns to see all people housed, employed, and living a life where their basic daily needs – and more – are met.

Thank-you to J’Lyn, her co-host Gary, and the myriad of others who made this possible!

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