Muslims for Peace Provide Care for People in our Community

by | POSTED: Jul 14, 2015

Thanks  to the members of Muslims for Peace who visited us on Wednesday, July 8th, and served  food and handed  out free backpacks, socks, t-shirts, hoodies, granola bars, and toiletries to hundreds of our participants.

They  purchased all of the food and items themselves, in the wake of their successful  crowdfunding campaign where they encouraged the public to give up their lunch and donate $10 to  help  people in need.

Through their efforts, they raised over  $10,000 in just two months!

Muslims for Peace  are a local, grassroots group who come together to help people who are less fortunate. They were inspired to give when they were downtown earlier in the year and came across a few people who were living on the streets.

“We met a few people who were homeless and we were inspired by their stories. We knew at that point we wanted to help. “

– Sally, a member of Muslims for Peace

Their involvement at Bissell Centre coincides with Ramadan where Muslims around the world take the  time to reflect on people less fortunate and act upon the  importance  to give and help others in need.

We are so grateful they chose to give to people in the inner-city of Edmonton to  ensure they are well fed and have what they need to survive on the streets.

Thank you!

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