Landlord Embraces Homeless Family – Encourages Others to Help

by | POSTED: Mar 02, 2015

We recently received a testimonial letter from a couple who are offering a safe place to live for a single mother and her children through our Homeless to Homes Program. We are very grateful for their commitment to helping, and we’re encouraged by their positive experience. The letter is a testament of the importance of working together to address housing needs and alleviating poverty in our city.

Here’s what they had to say:

“To whom it may concern,

We own a single-family house in Pleasantview and have been landlords in the Homeless to Homes program for over a year. It has been a rewarding experience for us, and we would like to encourage other landlords to participate.

In this program, a family that needs adequate and safe accommodation is provided with a place to live, while the landlord benefits by being assured that the rent will be paid on time each month. Landlords also derive a sense of well-being from knowing that they are doing a small part to reduce homelessness in the community. It truly is a win-win situation!

The family that lives in our house consists of a single mother with several children, and they have been a joy to work with. The children are well-behaved, and the house has been well cared for. They are happy to have a spacious and comfortable home with a yard, and we are happy to see them thriving.

During their time in the program, the family receives intensive support from a social worker, which means that any problems can be spotted quickly before they have a chance to grow. In our case, there have been no problems, but just knowing that our tenant has a support worker in place gives us confidence.

We want to assure landlords who may be hesitant or uncertain about participation in Homeless to Homes that the program is carefully managed and that the clients who are chosen are those most likely to succeed.

As every landlord knows, there is always an element of risk when you choose to rent a property to someone else. But in the case of the Homeless to Homes program, the risk is minimal, the rewards immeasurable”.

Please visit our website  here  for more information about our Homeless to Homes Program and the importance of housing to eliminate poverty.

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