Our 2014-15 Business Plan

by | POSTED: Mar 25, 2014

Mark Holmgren, CEO
Our Business Plan is structured to reflect our long-term plan which we call our strategic touchstone. I believe each business plan should include a quick report of progress made to date and then outline what deliberate strategic actions we intend to undertake in the new plan. Our business plan will  then used as the basis for creating the CEO’s work plan for the year as well as the work plans for each officer, director, and manager in the organization.

While this business plan outlines Bissell Centre’s priorities for the upcoming year, it is true that there are some strategic objectives we are seeking to emphasize, as follows:

  • Grow our capacity to excel at addressing homelessness  within and beyond the Housing First model.
  • Increase efforts to help clients achieve financial stability by  developing a continuum of employment services, from  casual labour to permanent employment.
  • Continue to expand our hours of services, where  appropriate, to ensure we are appropriately present and  active in the lives of our diverse client population.
  • Continue to move towards an integrated service delivery  model that is client-centred and inclusive of case  management across all programs.
  • Continue on with our partnerships to operate 24/7/365  crisis diversion services through assertive outreach
  • Through our review of Drop-in programming, identify improved ways to engage and help street involved people break out of their cycle of poverty and homelessness.
  • Expand our Inner City Victims Services, as funding arrives, to increase our capacity to serve victims and to launch crime prevention services.
  • Launch our Community Bridge Pilot, which will focus on preventing homelessness for those who have never before been faced with the prospect of losing their home.
  • Seek out partnerships and resources to increase our capacity to serve and support low income families, especially young single parents trying to become effective parents while developing their careers.
  • Seek out partnerships and resources to increase our capacity to support adults with FASD.
  • Increase our organization’s awareness of Aboriginal culture while exploring new opportunities to offer culturally-relevant services.
  • Continue to operate as a fiscally sound organization while we also continue to grow our operations.
  • Become an employer of choice

Business Plan


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