Community Development

Community Development programs provide wellness, arts, culture, recreational, and educational opportunities for community members. Recreation and cultural experiences are an important part of what makes our communities vibrant, healthy and enjoyable places to be, and Bissell Centre is committed to ensuring that these opportunities are available for everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

Our program acts as a bridge to build closer relationships with community members who use our services to meet their basic needs. Opportunities are available year-round onsite, primarily in our Community Space, and encompass a variety of activities including games, arts and crafts, physical activities, Indigenous programming and educational experiences.


Inner City Recreation Opportunities

Inner City Floor Hockey on Friday afternoons starts on October 7 – see below for details on how to get involved.

Fall 2023 Inner City Floor Hockey Poster



Why Recreation?

Recreation has significant benefits for individuals and families living in poverty. Recreation can help mitigate some of the effects of poverty such as loneliness, social isolation, low self-worth, depression, and physical and mental health issues. Our programs include Community Development.

“This program helps me feel better and more positive”

– Community Member


Evidence indicated that recreation and parks services really do make a difference. Recreation, parks, sports, fitness, active living, arts and cultural services:

  • are essential to personal health and well-being
  • provide the key to balanced human development
  • provide a foundation for quality of life
  • reduce self-destructive and antisocial behaviour
  • build strong families and healthy communities
  • reduce health care, social service and police/justice costs



Manager, Integrated Services
Jennifer McDonald-Robinson
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