Will Bissell Centre’s Community Space be open during renovations?

  • The Community Space and all programs will remain available throughout renovations.​

How long will the renovations go on for?

  • Renovations are slated from March 7, 2023, to November 2023.​

Where are the program spaces being moved?

  • Some program spaces will stay where they are – such as the doctors and nurses. Some programs will relocate to the second floor – such as case workers. Staff will be able to direct you to the service you need.​

Why are folks not allowed to set up tents on the side of the building during renovations?

  • There are a lot of safety concerns for folks setting up tents during this renovation. This is solely to prevent any injury or any other safety risk camping so close can pose.​

Why will you be fencing off the building?

  • Part of the renovation involves working on the outside of the building. Throughout this whole phase of the project, the community space will stay open and accessible.​

Is the Community Kitchen renovation done?

  • Almost! We’ll be finishing up this renovation alongside this new renovation project.

Why is Bissell Centre renovating this building?

  • The renovations are to fix up any normal wear and tear a building endures when in Edmonton. These are critical renovations that required immediate attention to ensure we can continue serving our community in a safe and welcoming environment.​

Why will some of the doors be blocked off during renovations?

  • Even if one of the doors into the Community Space is blocked off or closed, there will be another entrance open. If the front door is closed, feel free to use the back door. And if the back door is closed, please feel free to use the front door.

Are you closing the community café?

  • The Community Café will relocate temporarily to the Community Closet space.​

Are you closing the Community Closet?

  • The Community Closet will remain open and temporarily operate in the same space as the Community Café.​

Where will case workers be working out of?

  • Case workers will work out of available meeting rooms on the second floor.​

Where will the Cultural Room move?

  • The Cultural Room will temporarily be in one of the classrooms on the main floor.

Can I still pick up my mail?

  • Yes. Regular mail service will continue throughout the renovation project.

Will I be able to access the second floor?

  • If you need to access the second floor for a case manager or another service from Bissell Centre, see a staff member on-site, and they will help you get to the second floor.

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