Mother of three rises above a life of abuse and addiction

by | POSTED: Feb 16, 2015

We recently received a hand-written  letter from a 30 year old mother of three who lived a rough life  growing up  at the hands of domestic  abuse leading to addictions and life on the streets. Her letter attests to the struggles of her past  and  the progress  she has made to turn her life around.  We are proud of her achievements and so grateful to have been there for her and her family through the tough times.

Here are a few excerpts from her letter that we would like to share:

“I am attending MacEwan University taking my Bachelor of Arts Major in Sociology specializing in family, youth, and diversity and a minor in Psychology. I am in my first year and I am also a Volunteer Reintegration Team Leader for the women getting out of the prison and currently trying to get a job at CEASE to help women getting out of prostitution”.

“My children have been attending the Bissell daycare for 2 ½ years now and even through it is only one day a week, Fatima gives me 3+ days a week. For this I am so grateful because without the extra days I would not be able to attend MacEwan University, study, or achieve my career goal. I also would not be able to take my oldest son to his appointments or even be able to attend my own personal recovery meetings or counselling sessions. To put my kids in a regular daycare I would not be able to afford it. The parent portion even with subsidy would be close to $1,000 a month for all three of my kids.”

“I cannot stress enough how much the Bissell is helping me to succeed. I am so grateful that Fatima gives me the extra days a week. I would not be able to do all I’m doing without the free childcare and extra days. Also, my children love the Bissell. They are comfortable with the staff and have a lot of fun there and I’m at ease because I know they are well taken care of. Having support from the Bissell is helping me to step out of my past and into my future. They are also helping to give my kids a great future too. Thank you Fatima and daycare staff for believing in me and helping me and my family succeed, I would not be able to be where I am today without you”.

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