The Ease of Monthly Giving

by | POSTED: Oct 04, 2012

Now that summer has come and gone it is easy to forget about others and think about  the stress of back-to-school and vacation debt.   For many people  charitable giving is an important part of their life, however they seem to fall into the trap of “getting too busy”.   A great way to ensure you reach your charitable giving goals is to make monthly donations, instead of waiting  until the year-end and giving one lump sum.
Giving this way has multiple benefits for a donor like you as well as Bissell Centre.  

Here are five reasons to give monthly donations:

1. It helps charities to budget.   Imagine you are creating your own budget: would it be easier to have a monthly salary, or simply hope for a bonus in December?
2. It is financially  easier for most of us to part with $25 or $50 every month than give a lump sum of $300 or $600 at one time.
3. If you don’t give monthly, it’s easy to forget to do it completely.
4. Avoid paying the tax man just a little bit more!
5. You can easily set up automatic payments. Once you do this, you don’t need to fit it into your schedule or remember to do it.

To set up monthly donations with Bissell Centre  visit and fill out the monthly donation form; or call 780-423-2285 ext 123 and speak to Joshua Marshall.

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