Summertime Fun in [and out] of the City

by | POSTED: Jul 16, 2012


For many of our community members, the chance to explore the world outside of the inner city is an abandoned part of everyday living. At Bissell Centre we work to ensure that all of the

elements of a prosperous life are attainable – not just food and shelter. Bissell Centre’s Summer Recreation and Wellness Program is part of our holistic approach to wellness. Offered to our participants in the warmer months, Bissell Centre’s two summer recreation coordinators (Dru Vickers and Nicole Pike) organize free, daily outings that many of us take for granted – swimming, a trip to the museum, canoeing and gardening.

  “Imagine your life with no fun. Worrying about where you’ll sleep that night or where your next meal will come from      
isn’t much fun.”
  Dru Vickers – Summer Recreation and Wellness Coordinator

Continue reading the story on page 3 of our Spring newsletter here.

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