Get a New Ringtone and Raise Awareness for FASD

by | POSTED: Apr 19, 2012

Introducing Bissell Centre’s very first FASD Awareness Ringtone!   Be one of the first to have this modern new ringtone! Just follow the instructions below using the appropriate  links.
Instructions on downloading the new ringtone to your phone

iPhone Users   –   You Can Choose Ringtone

Step 1. Import the M4R song file into iTunes on your computer (save it somewhere and then drag & dop)
Step 2. Synchronize the ringtone file from the Ringtone folder on the left to your iPhone
Step 3. After completing the sync, tap the settings on the iPhone
Step4. Tap Sound –   Tap Ringtone
Step 5. Select the ringtone from Custom. (* Song titles may not be recognized when only written in Roman alphabet)


1. Open the attachments on your Blackberry phone device
2. Save the MP3 attachment by “checking” the box that says “save as ringtone”
3. Set your phone to audible ringtone, and have someone call you to test it out!

Unveiling for the first time – You Can Choose – an FASD Music Video by Bissell Centre, EFAN and PlanIt Sound

Our new music video!


Our new educational video!


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