Anna’s Story

by | POSTED: Feb 28, 2012

“I try my best.   Everything I do is for my kids.   And to look after my kids, I have to look after myself.”

Anna’s* face lights up when she talks about the plans she has for her family’s future.   A proud, young, single mother and provider for four (three kids and a younger brother), she came to Bissell Centre in September looking for help supporting her young family.    

 The rising financial burdens of life in Edmonton meant that Anna was looking for resources to improve her family’s wellbeing.   Last fall, she was referred to Bissell Centre by a friend who had participated in our Parenting Plus Program – a free, weekly service for parents like Anna to learn parenting skills, share stories and gain vital social supports.  

Thanks to Bissell Centre’s network of services, her children were able to attend our free child care and Anna was able to join Parenting Plus herself.

“My baby’s face lights up whenever she sees the staff.   It’s her favorite daycare.”

Anna was ready for a better job.   To raise her family, she has to rely on income supports that are shrinking in value.   The Women’s Pre-Employment Program was created to give women the skills to earn a decent living.   It wasn’t long before Anna decided to join and improve her family’s livelihood.

“I had worked in trades for four months, but had to give up once I became pregnant.”

Since completing her job skills training at Bissell, Anna has signed up for a professional 17-week course for women in trades.   With looming labour shortages, she is in an excellent position to earn a better income for herself and best-of-all, her children.

Because of your support, families like Anna’s can look forward to a better future.  

About our donors, Anna says, “I think that it’s really good what you’ve done.   You’re really generous, especially to people that you don’t know.”

With compassion and training, families can move from daily hardship to prosperity.  

Thank-you for providing new beginnings for families across the community.  

*Names have been changed to protect family privacy.

Story taken from our most recent newletter.

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