Board of Governors

Our Board

  • Jill Matthew, Chair
  • Lee-Ann Leitch, Vice-Chair
  • Ami Amato
  • Beverley Browne
  • Lauren Chalaturnykyk
  • Melanie Fix
  • Jason Gorman
  • Hooman Hosseinkhannazer
  • Nat Kav
  • Debra Lister
  • Joshua Moser
  • Leigh Mulholland
  • Ryan Turpin
  • Gina Wheatcroft

Help Eliminate Poverty in Your Community!

Bissell Centre is looking for new Board members.

If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering to become a Board member for Bissell Centre, please take a look at our Board of Governors Recruitment Notice.

Board member nominations are open year-round. Our Nominating Committee interviews prospective Board members twice a year, in April and October. New Board members are voted on just once per year at the Annual General Meeting held in July. If you are interested in becoming a Bissell Centre Board member, please contact Mary Higgs at 780.423.2285 extension 126 or

Governors must be or become members of Bissell Centre. Interested individuals are welcome to submit a short bio or resume to the attention of Mary Higgs, Director of Administration.