Leave a Legacy of Hope

Large or small, your gift can profoundly impact the future
When you make a gift to Bissell Centre, you leave behind a legacy of hope, community, and empowerment for people living in poverty or experiencing homelessness.

Your gift ensures low-income families will always have access to free childcare, people looking for work will always have employment counselling readily available, and those who are living on the streets are able to meet their basic needs and have access to housing services.

With careful planning and preparation today, you can help create a better tomorrow for everyone in your community.

“The idea of helping future generations just makes sense to me. I want to make as much of a positive impact as I can in my lifetime. It’s not just about helping one or two people–it’s about transforming our city.”

– Gayle, member of Bissell's Legacy Society


Leave a Gift in Your Will

Choosing to remember Bissell Centre in your will is a simple and easy way to ensure your legacy of giving back to the community endures.

A gift in your will can be made in the form of a specific sum of money, or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after other needs are met. A gift to a charitable organization in your will decreases the taxes owing on your estate, lessening the financial burden to your loved ones.

Please talk with your lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor to discuss what type of gift is best for your personal situation.


To include a gift in your will to Bissell Centre, please ensure that your will includes our legal name and address.

Bissell Centre: 10527 – 96 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5H 2H6
Charitable # 118810829RR0001



Other ways to Leave a Legacy Gift

There are many other ways to make a planned gift, each with their own unique benefits. To ensure your needs and objectives are met, please speak with your lawyer or financial advisor to discuss what options best suits your financial situation.



Gifts of Stocks and Securities

Gifts of Stocks and Securities include in-kind donations of publicly traded stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to a charity. Gifts of securities can be made to Bissell Centre during your lifetime or as directed in your will. A direct donation of securities to a charity exempts the donor from paying capital gains tax and provides the donor with a charitable tax credit.



Life Insurance Policies

Life Insurance Policies are an easy way to leave a lasting legacy and allow you to give a much larger gift than would otherwise be possible. To gift a life insurance policy to Bissell Centre, you can either:

  1. Make Bissell Centre the Beneficiary- On an existing policy, Bissell Centre is named as the beneficiary of the policy. As the beneficiary, Bissell Centre receives the insurance proceeds in the year of passing and a charitable tax credit is provided to your estate.
  2. Make Bissell Centre the Owner- Bissell Centre is made the owner of an existing or new life insurance policy. As an organization, we have access to the cash value of the policy and the donor receives a tax credit every year on the premiums paid.



Registered Accounts-TFSAs, RRSPs, RRIFs

Registered Accounts-TFSAs, RRSPs, RRIFs are other valuable ways to contribute to Bissell Centre. To gift money in a registered account, simply name Bissell Centre as a beneficiary of the account. You maintain full use of the funds in the accounts you gift during your lifetime. Upon passing, any funds remaining in the registered accounts will be transferred to the named beneficiary.

A tax credit for the gift of the funds from a registered account is provided once the remaining funds are received. Registered accounts are not considered part of your estate, thus they will not affect what you plan to leave behind to loved ones and are not subject to probate fees.



Endowment Funds

Endowment Funds allow you to enjoy the benefits of giving during your life-time while also supporting a cause that matters to you in perpetuity.. With endowment funds, the principal balance remains in the fund while the profits, or a portion of the profit, are given to the charity or cause of your choice.

Endowment funds can either be anonymous or named, allowing you to leave your legacy as you wish. Monies received from the endowment funds are spent as directed by you or, if undesignated, at the discretion of our organization’s Board of Directors.

Leave a Gift in Your Will

Have you already planned a future gift to Bissell Centre? Please let us know, we would love to thank you!

Please feel free to contact Lisa Dayanandan if you any questions.
780-423-2285 ext 197

Reg Canadian Charity · 118810829RR0001