About the Event

Join participants, volunteers and staff on June 21st to celebrate the rich, diverse Indigenous community here in Edmonton.

This 2023 National Indigenous Peoples Day celebration will feature food, crafts, performances and more.

What: National Indigenous Peoples Day 2023 event
When: Wednesday, June 21, 2023, from 10 am to 3 pm
Where: Outside in front of Bissell: 10527 96 St. NW

Honouring our Roots

This National Indigenous Peoples Day event, we are focused on creating a space for little ones and elders to come together to share learnings and knowledge.

There will be a dedicated tent at the event specifically for elders and children to sit and connect with one another, and the children from our Child Care Centre will be performing a song.

Drawing of a small swaddled child by Bissell's artist in residence.
Drawing by Bissell
Artist-in-Residence Jon Robaillard

Event Activities:

Here are just a few of the highlights you’ll experience at this year’s National Indigenous Peoples Day event:

  • Pipe Ceremony
  • Smudge station
  • Traditional meal
  • Traditional hand games
  • Round dance teaching and presentation
  • Beading and lanyard making
  • Flutist

NIPD Schedule

10 AM

10:15 AM

10:20 AM

10:35 AM

11 AM – 1 PM

11 AM – 3 PM

1 PM – 2:30 PM

2:30 PM – 2:45 PM

2:45 PM 3 PM

Opening smudge/prayer/song and remarks

Land acknowledgement: Gary St. Amand

Welcome to Territory – Metis

Early Childhood Development presentation/song

Handgames: Charlie & Gus Morin

Beading and colouring: Rebecca Robinson & Donna Robillard

Powwow Showcase: Thunder Lake Singers & Dancers

Flute music/teaching: Theo Waskahat

Round Dance songs/teaching: Quentin Tootoosis


Mikey, Torrin, Owen and Seth Pearson

Photo of Mikey and family at a Powwow event

Mikey has been dancing since the age of 4 and was taught by his mother, Wendy.  He is the grandson of 2 residential school survivors and has been a fancy dancer most of his life.  Once his sons were born, Mikey switched to Grass Dance so that he could help teach and dance with them.

Torrin Owin and Seth have been attending powwows since they were babies.  All three boys are Grass Dancers and have been dancing for three years.  They are the great-grandsons of 2 residential school survivors and love spending time with their dad Mikey and grandma Wendy on the powwow trail!

Wendy Ryan

Wendy is from the Sakimay First Nation in Saskatchewan and is the daughter of 2 residential school survivors.  She has been dancing for 60 years and is self-taught, having danced all different styles.  Wendy currently dances Women’s Golden Age Traditional and has competed in powwows all over North America and England!

Thunder Lake Singers and Dancers

We come from the mountains. The name Thunder Lake is a lake that we skated and fished from out in the mountain Cree camp. The dancers have been dancing since we can walk.
Name of dancers: Charles Favel, Zhaydon Favel, Charlen Favel, Laz Roan and Taniya Roan.

Gustave and Charlie Morin

Gustave Morin is From Enoch Cree Nation and Charley is from St. Paul First Nation. They’ve been teaching/demonstrating hand games for two years and play the game across Alberta and Saskatchewan. They incorporate a traditional lifestyle filled with contemporary balance.

Theodore Waskahat

Theodore Waskahat is from Frog Lake, Alberta. He is a powwow singer, round-singer and flute player. Theodore’s cree name is OLD MAN ROCK given to him by his grandfather Peter Waskahat. Peter Waskahat is Theodore’s dad’s dad. He has been giving the rights to the oral tradition passed down from Waskahat himself. Theodore has been singing since three years of age and is truly humbled by the power of the Cree culture.

Getting Here

Road Closures and Parking

We will have the road blocked from 105A St. to the end of our property on 96 Ave to celebrate National Indigenous People’s Day. The road closure will go from 9 am to 4 pm to allow time for set up and take down.

Attendees are encouraged to park at the public parking lot at the end of 96 Street on 103A Avenue.

Thanks to Coca-Cola Bottling Limited for providing beverages to keep our attendees hydrated on event day.

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