Host F.A.Q.s

Here are answers to most of your questions about hosting a Bissell Giving Tree Party.
Please contact us if you need any further assistance. We’re happy to support you however we can!


Q: What is a Bissell Giving Tree event?

A Bissell Giving Tree party is a fun way to champion Bissell Centre. It is a fundraising event that includes socializing, refreshments, and an appeal for donations in support of Bissell Centre.

The ideal host is someone who wants to do something meaningful this giving season, and knows that even small gestures can have a big impact.


Q: How do I get started?

The first step is to pick a date.

Remember, this does not need to be a huge soiree –  it’s a social gathering with a meaningful intention. Your event could be an intimate dinner with close friends, a games night with extended family, a staff party for your business, department, school, or faith organization.


Q: What about invitations?

Some people prefer to send paper invitations, some like email, and others like to use evites and other online tools. Consider adding a link for those who cannot attend but wish to contribute. People can donate to Bissell Centre online at


Q: When do we ask for donations?

The appeal for donations can be made at any time during the event. If you set a monetary goal for the evening, remind everyone before you invite them to contribute.


Q: How do guests make donations?

Donation envelopes should be easily accessible throughout the event. This might be on dinner plates, seats, or on a table by your tree or place where you intend to hang the envelopes.

Guests can slip their cash or cheque into the envelopes, tuck the flap closed, and hang the envelopes onto the tree. Encourage guests to write the amount donated on the back of the envelope so hosts can easily tally all the contributions. Hosts are encouraged to announce the total contributions as the party draws to a close.

Of course, you may opt to make donations public, however we have put steps in place to allow for private donations.

For those who are not able to make a financial contribution, guests are welcome to write an inspirational note to those who rely on Bissell Centre’s services. These notes will be hung in our Drop-In Centre for participants to read as they come and go, letting them know you care.


Q: Will we get charitable tax receipts?

Guests who want a charitable tax receipt should fill out the donation slip found inside the envelopes and include the slips in with their contributions. An official receipt will be mailed to them in February 2019.


Q: What if my event is in a public setting?

If your event is in a public setting, appoint someone to serve as a “teller”. This person will take the donations and contact info of donors, place them in regular envelopes, and lock them in a cash box. In return, the teller will give the donor a Bissell Centre Giving Tree envelope to hang on the tree, wall, or anywhere you deem appropriate.


Q: What more can you do?

Encourage others to host a Bissell Giving Tree Party! Take a picture of your tree decorated with donation envelopes, and share what you’ve done for your community on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email, or social channel of choice. Our hashtag is #BissellGivingTree

To rally others, include the total amount your event raised!


Q: How do I follow up after the event?

After the party, send thank you notes to everyone who came, whether or not they donated. Let them know how much the event raised. Consider including a link to our Programs web page so they can learn more about how their contributions will make a difference.


Q: What do I do with the donations after the event?

Hosts are expected to mail or bring donations, tax information slips to Bissell Centre within two (2) weeks. Our address is:

10527 – 96 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 2H6

Your efforts will change lives this season!

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