Our Foundational Statements

Here you’ll find our mission and values, and other important information that guides the work that Bissell Centre does in the Edmonton community.


The elimination of poverty in our community.


Working in community, we remove barriers and support people as they move out of poverty.

Long Term Outcomes

  • Families and individuals have sustainable livelihoods, secure and safe housing, and can meet their basic daily needs.
  • Families and individuals have strong and healthy support networks, a sense of safety, and physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health to engage in their community more fully.
  • Families and individuals have an increased sense of hope for the future.
  •  Individuals have access to the resources and opportunities they need to recognize and reach their full and desired potential.


To foster unbiased consideration and regard for all people, including their values, rights, beliefs and property.

The individuals and families we support are at the centre of all we do. Participants self-determine their path forward with the support of Bissell Centre and our programs and services.

The goal of fairness that includes diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. Equity is actively ensuring everyone gets fair access to opportunities so they can engage in their community fully.

Commitment to working with others to increase quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of supports for individuals and families living in poverty.

To act with honesty, accountability, and trustworthiness toward participants, colleagues, partners, and leadership.

To be good stewards and take responsibility for our personal and organizational actions and decisions.


Interested in becoming a member of Bissell Centre?   Members receive our Newsletters, CEO Stakeholder Letters, and Annual Reports and are eligible to vote at our Annual General Meetings.    To find out more information on becoming a member of Bissell Centre, please contact Mary Higgs, Director of Administration, at [email protected], or by telephone at 780-423-2285 ext. 126.

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