Our Foundational Statements


The elimination of poverty in our community.


Working with communities, we empower people to move from poverty to cultural, social and economic prosperity.

Long Term Outcomes

  • People are able to meet their basic daily needs and participate in community.
  • People have sustainable livelihoods.
  • People feel hope for the future and make plans for a prosperous life.
  • People are fully engaged in life because of improved physical and mental health.
  • The community is educated and engaged in creating a prosperous future for all.


Our philosophy is one of hope for human potential and social justice; of trust in the power of community through relationships and inclusiveness; and of resourcefulness with strength and capacity. We respect that people can make their own choices and that they take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.


We believe that…

Every person has the right to have basic human needs satisfied.

Collectively and individually, each of us has a responsibility to care for one another.

Every person is welcome.


At the very core of Bissell Centre is the development of positive relationships. This is inclusive of relationships with people who access the agency, who volunteer and work here and those in the greater community committed to addressing issues of poverty.

Bissell Centre focuses on being active as a community on three basic levels:

As an agency: we provide services and resources within our community.

As a Centre: we create a sense of belonging that allows people to gather, interact and communicate; to foster neighbour helping neighbour.

As an advocate: we provide an opportunity for our community to have a stronger voice in society and to participate in making decisions that affect all of us.

Further Bissell Centre Values are:

To value and accept people as they are spiritually, emotionally and physically; celebrating the rich dimensions within each individual.

To foster unbiased consideration and regard for all people, including their values, rights, beliefs and property.

To encompass acceptance and respect, recognizing our individual differences and understanding that each individual is unique.

To provide genuine caring towards everyone in a non judgmental manner that is based on hope.

To recognize every individual’s right to be accorded the same services and opportunities, and to be involved in decisions affecting their lives.

To base all actions on the principles of consistency, honesty, fairness and trustworthiness.

To have a shared investment and responsibility in working together with others to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources.

To be good stewards and accept responsibility as individuals, as an organization, and community for our actions and decisions in order to achieve results.


Interested in becoming a member of Bissell Centre?   Members receive our Newsletters, CEO Stakeholder Letters, and Annual Reports, and are eligible to vote at our Annual General Meetings.    To find out more information on becoming a member of Bissell Centre, please contact Mary Higgs, Director of Administration, at mhiggs@bissellcentre.org, or by telephone at 780-423-2285 ext. 126.

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