Edmonton Chefs Collaborate with City Market Dowtnown in Support of Bissell Centre


As harvest season is in full swing, the City Market Downtown will be joined by five of Edmonton’s innovative culinary up and comers to host a fundraising event for Bissell Centre on Sunday, October 5th.

The Edmonton-based chefs have created a fall-harvest specific menu based on seasonal produce and proteins found exclusively at the City Market Downtown. The dinner, which will be hosted at SABOR Restaurant, will include seafood direct from Iceland, farm-raised pork and beef — the freshest ingredients direct from market vendors.

“This exciting event is to raise awareness and funds for the Bissell Centre, a organization near and dear to our vendors and customers” says Dan Young, board chairman of City Market Downtown. “It makes sense for us in partnership with some of the best and brightest in Edmonton’s food scene to organize a family-style harvest feast to raise funds for this important work being done at the Bissell Centre each day.”

Collaborative menu designed by:

Chef Bryan Cruz – The Marc
Chef Edgar Gutierrez – Tres Carnales and Rostizado
Chef Brayden Kozak – Three Boars
Chef Adelino (Lino) Oliviera – SABOR Restaurant
Chef Charla Padilla – Madison’s Grill

The harvest feast will also include special guest Chef Pierre Lamielle from Calgary, a recent Chopped Canada champion and Top Chef Canada competitor. He is co-owner of foodonyourshirt.com with partner Candace

Get your tickets now via Eventbrite!

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September 9th is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Day

International FASD Awareness Day is observed every year on September 9th around the world with events to raise awareness about the dangers of women drinking during pregnancy and the problems associated with the mental and physical development of their children.

FASD is one of the leading causes of birth defects in children that affect their physical, behavioral, and cognitive development. Approximately nine out of every 1,000 children born in Canada are affected by FASD or roughly 1% of the population.

Through community development, advocacy and intensive supports, Bissell Centre’s Fetal Alcohol Spectrum of Services (FASS) program enhances the community’s capacity to understand and prevent FASD, and support the well-being of individuals and families affected by FASD.

On September 9th, Bissell Centre is taking part in the 15th Annual Mocktail Madness event hosted by the Edmonton and area Fetal Alcohol Network (EFAN) to help raise awareness about FASD.

For more information about FASD Awareness Day, please visit www.fasday.com and to learn more about Bissell Centre’s FASS program, please visit: www.bissellcentre.org/programs/fetal-alcohol-spectrum-of-services/


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Our Summer/Fall newsletter is out!


We have some great stories that include an update about our Thrift Shoppe fire recovery; family camp at our Moonlight Bay Centre for parents and children who are struggling with poverty; an Employment Services success story; and much more!

Read or download our Summer/Fall Newsletter now!


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About Aboriginal Homelessness

Aboriginal people make up just over 5% of Edmonton’s population but in 2012, 46% of homeless people were Aboriginal. Produced by Coty Savard, this video provides insight into the challenges faced by Aboriginal people who have no home to go to.

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CEO Stakeholder Report (August)

Periodically, I write a special stakeholder report that provides information about what’s happening at Bissell Centre and some of the things we are working on. I believe our donors, volunteers, funders, suppliers, and other stakeholders deserve to hear from me more than just once a year in an annual report. This report features our work to end homelessness. If you have any questions or comments please click the comments button and share them. Or write me at mholmgren@bissellcentre.org


Click the Cover or HERE

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The Generosity Continues! – Additional Fire Relief Support


Last week, we received a cheque for $15,000 from FIRMA Foreign Exchange to support our fire relief efforts. This generous gift will help with the restoration of our Thrift Shoppe, which supplies affordable clothing to low-income families, provides free clothing for the homeless, and generates revenue that supports and strengthens our life-changing programs.


Learn more about FIRMA here: https://www.firmafx.com/ca-en/

This yet another example of Philanthropy in our community! Read our new blog series, Anyone Can Be A Philanthropist! for more inspiring stories.

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