Words from the Chief Executive Officer and Board Chair

I’ve recently completed my first full year as CEO, and what a privilege it has been. I am grateful to everyone who has so graciously given to help those who are struggling with poverty.

Support like yours is what makes so much healing and growth possible in Bissell’s community. That’s why, in this annual report edition of our newsletter, we want to show you the incredible impact your donations are making. All of this is a community effort, and it takes dedicated people just like you to empower people to move from poverty to prosperity. Your support is a significant help–thank you so much!

Gary St. Amand
CEO, Bissell Centre

This year marks the beginning of a new, long-term commitment we’ve made to eliminate poverty throughout Edmonton.

Right now, in Edmonton 40,000 children are living in poverty, and 123,700 people are working full-time but earning less than $15/hour. No matter what hardships, trauma, or adverse circumstances someone faces, we believe everyone deserves a home and an opportunity to work for a fair wage.

That’s why our Board of Governors and Management Team have worked diligently to renew Bissell Centre’s strategic framework. It is my hope that you will join us in our renewed five-year commitment to create a poverty-free community.

Ken Ristau
Board Chair, Bissell Centre

Finally Home After 20 Years

Barry’s Story

Barry lived out in the cold for 20 years. The harshness of the streets had taken a serious toll on his body. With constant pain in his hands, knees, and back, he knew the situation had become too real to ignore.

Sleeping outside started in Barry’s childhood. “I was surrounded by drunks and violence, so I spent a lot of my time outside, in a tent or in the bush. I’ve never really had a normal life,” said Barry. Instead, he has slept outdoors and in shelters nearly every night since his youth.

As a young man Barry was abandoned by his family. Meeting his own basic needs became a daily struggle for survival. He battled addiction and mental illness with little support. Barry went on like this for many years, but at 48 years old, he hit a breaking point.

“In my mind, the only choice I had left to get out of the cold was either death or jail,” he said.

It was this revelation that finally convinced Barry to seek help. He found his way to Bissell Centre and the Housing First Team. They found Barry his first apartment, which he moved into in February of this year.

Today, Barry is taking steps forward in rebuilding his life. “I’ve got a lot of hurt and pain, but it’s getting better now. The load has been taken off,” he shares. With renewed time and energy to make plans for his future, Barry is planning to get his GED and dreams of finding a way to help others like himself.

2016-2017 Year in Review

We wouldn’t be here without the kindhearted generosity of donors like you. That is why, at Bissell Centre, we believe in full transparency with our supporters. We want you to know each dollar donated is being used to help bring hope and healing to people struggling with poverty in Edmonton. In everything we do, from outreach programs to accounting, the end goal is the same–we seek to eliminate poverty in our community. By working together, we can truly help change people’s lives. Thank you for your continued trust and support.

Revenue 2016/2017

Government Grants:
$5,271 / $6,048

Fund Development & Earned Income:
$3,052 / $2,824

United Way:
$388 / $388

Insurance Proceeds
(Less Loss on Sale of Net Assets):
$384 / $0

Amortization of Deferred Capital Contributions:
$268 / $265

Expenditure 2016/2017

$6,562 / $6,746

$1,323 / $1,308

$588 / $698

$389 / $413

Publicity and Promotion:
$114 / $190

Amortization of Capital Assets:
$442 / $417

Excess of Revenue Over Expenditure: $54 / $246

Statement of Financial Position 2016/2017

Current Assets:
$2,740 / $1,609

$30 / $31

Capital Assets:
$7,811 / $7,404

Total Assets:
$10,581 / $9,044

Current Liabilities:
$2,417 / $1,393

Deferred Capital Contributions: 
$3,683 / $3,417

Total Liabilities:
$6,100 / $4,810

Total Net Assets:
$4,481 / $4,234

Total Liabilities and Net Assets: $10,581/ $9,044

*This financial information has been prepared by management and has not been audited.

See the Impact of Your Gifts

Throughout the year, thousands of people turn to Bissell Centre for help. It’s thanks to generous donors like you that our doors can remain open to welcome each guest seeking support. Lives are being transformed every day, but there are still so many people struggling with poverty in Edmonton. We hope you will continue to support transformation in our community!