More Than Just a Meal

How you helped Denise find her way forward

When Denise walked through the doors of Bissell Centre for the first time, she was simply in search of a hot meal. But here, thanks to the support of community members like you, Denise found so much more: she found compassion.

As warm smiles welcomed her to Bissell, the tension visibly eased from Denise’s face and shoulders. She shared her story over a steaming bowl of soup. Like so many others in our community, she’d been affected by a sudden job loss. Denise didn’t have enough money to make this month’s rent and feared eviction would be coming any day.

Bissell’s ability and willingness to help surprised her in the best possible way. Staff helped Denise find a new job and advocated on her behalf to her landlord, ensuring she could keep her studio apartment. “I credit the roof over my head to the folks at Bissell and the generosity of my community,” Denise shares today with a smile.

“It means the world to know there are kind strangers willing to help people like me get back on their feet.”

A Space Rooted in Community

You ensure Bissell can deliver critical programs

For people experiencing poverty, connecting with others isn’t something they can take for granted. Many public spaces discourage loitering, leaving those without a home of their own to wander aimlessly throughout the day.

With your help, Bissell is changing that. Bright green and orange walls, birch cabinetry, and a welcoming open floorplan greet the hundreds of Edmontonians who enter Bissell’s Community Space every day. It’s a truly unique location: a one-stop spot where community members can access a variety of supports from laundry and food to basic medical help, life skills programming, and so much more.

“I always know I can find what I need here,” says Charlie, who visits the Community Space frequently. “Whether that’s a friend to chat with, a hot shower, or help applying for a job, I know I can count on Bissell.”

Your support makes delivering the many programs housed within the Community Space possible.

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