You Put People First

How your support of Bissell Centre is changing lives right now

You offered people in our community the high-quality programs and services they need to build brighter futures this year. Here’s how:

You provided housing loss prevention supports through Community Bridge. By improving financial literacy and preventing housing loss, you helped 550 individuals stay in their homes.

You extended our reach in the community by relocating Hope Terrace, providing permanent supportive housing for individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Thanks to you, we welcomed over 20 new tenants into our new facility in King Edward Park!

You made our Coldest Night of the Year event the most successful one yet! In February 2023, 561 walkers bundled up for 2K and 5K routes through downtown, raising a record-breaking $195,000 for Bissell Centre!

You helped brighten the holidays for local families. Your support of Bissell’s Toy Drive helped provide 2,400 toys, ensuring joy for children of all ages.

You enabled our Food Services team to partner with Second Harvest, a charity combatting food insecurities across Canada. Bissell Centre was able to rescue 224,630 meals, curbing food waste and redistributing meals in our community.

All of these things simply would not be possible without your kindness and support. Addressing the challenges that come with poverty and homelessness really does take a village. Together, with your generosity, we are helping give hope to those who need it most


Join us on February 24th for the Coldest Night of the Year 2024

The Coldest Night of the Year is an opportunity to step outside the warmth and comfort of our homes. Together with tens of thousands of other Canadians, we walk in the cold to raise money for those experiencing hurt, hunger, and homelessness.

This year, the fundraising goal is $200,000. Will you help us get there? The proceeds from Edmonton’s Coldest Night of the Year go to Bissell Centre, to continue our mission of eliminating poverty in our community.

Gather your family and friends! Team up, fundraise, walk, and shine a light of compassion in our community. It’s free to register, and everyone is welcome.

Let’s show our Edmontonian pride by coming together on February 24th, 2024. With your help, we can remove barriers and support people in our community as they move out of poverty.

Register today at

Building Trust, Breaking Barriers

Your support connects our community with compassionate mental health support

Did you know that approximately one-third of those experiencing homelessness are also
struggling with mental health issues?

That’s why our Mental Health program and support workers are vital to helping our community
members with the diverse challenges they face.

Bissell Centre’s support staff are advocates for people experiencing mental illness. Community
members sometimes find it difficult to navigate the healthcare system. They may have had
negative experiences – or even trauma – that cause them to feel fearful or distrusting of the system.

Our team works to build trust with our community members. We overcome barriers to mental
health care by establishing one-on-one connections and mapping out strategies for reaching the
individual goals of each participant.

Bissell’s support workers help folks manage whatever crisis they are facing, from anger and
agitation to thoughts of self-harm. We accompany people to appointments and help them
become comfortable enough to advocate for themselves.

Our Mental Health program is a key component to finding ways for our community members to
get the help they need to move out of poverty and reach their full potential. Your compassionate
support makes a real difference. Thank you

Andy’s Story: Update

You lifted someone from desperation to hope

Last December, Kendra, our Manager of Housing Services shared a story with you about a hungry young man who came to our Community Space seeking a warm meal.

Andy shared some of his struggles with Kendra. Addiction and undiagnosed mental illness had led him down a path he’d never imagined, and he was living rough when he walked through our doors.

Kendra saw relief spread across Andy’s face as he spoke openly. He had reached out and found a safe place to begin his healing journey.

Kendra also saw hope. Thanks to your ongoing support, she knew Andy could connect with programs that would empower him to work towards his full potential

Today, Andy is thriving. No longer on the streets, he has his own room in group housing. He goes to regular counselling to manage his mental health and has a physician overseeing his medication. He’s excited to be in our Workforce Development program, where he’s building skills he’ll need to land his first-ever long-term job.

Because of you, Andy is excited about what the future holds!

Your continued compassionate support of our many programs makes a real difference.


Celebration, Recognition, Acknowledgement

Sharing and learning together on National Indigenous Peoples Day 2023

June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day. We recognize and celebrate the history, heritage, resilience, and diversity of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis across Canada.

Bissell Centre has been celebrating this important date for over a decade. This year, Elders from the community made sure it was a party to remember!
Group of dancer at National Indigenous Peoples Day event
To kick things off, Elders from the community held a traditional pipe ceremony. They shared stories of struggle and expressed why the customs and traditions they grew up with are so important to keep alive.

The block was buzzing with music, drumming, dancing, and traditional hand games for the whole community to enjoy. Our Food Services kitchen team served up more than 900 meals of stew and bannock.

We’re so grateful for everyone who came out, participated, shared their gifts, and helped make sure Indigenous customs and traditions will stay alive for generations to come.

Safe Spaces For All

What Pride looks like at Bissell Centre

Hanging in our Community Space is a vibrant fibre art piece created to represent the diverse 2SLGBTQIA+ presence at Bissell Centre. Flowers symbolize the flags and colours that express gender identities and sexual orientations. The words “Let’s Grow Together” remind us to sow the seeds of compassion and work to better understand and appreciate one another.

Here’s what Pride means to our Bissell community

“I feel respected and cared for by everyone at Bissell. I feel safe being who I am here.”
– Chase, Bissell Centre client


“Because the community members and the staff at Bissell Centre has created a judgment-free space, it has allowed me to safely
be my true self.”
– Clinton, Social Work practicum student


“When I see rainbow stickers on doors and all-gender bathrooms in the Community Space, I don’t have to wonder if this is a
place that will accept me. I know.”
– Jazmin, Bissell Centre client


“When I first joined Bissell, I wasn’t sure if I should be open about my gender identity. But I saw a lot of staff here be comfortable and open with who they are. Having this freedom and acceptance is so important for 2SLGBTQIA+ folks and how we can contribute back to our communities.”
– Allen, Bissell Centre staff


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