Financial Empowerment for Life

Your support provides budgeting skills for better living

James and Amanda* were excited about settling into their new home. They had finally found a place that suited them while they focused on their recovery from addiction and worked on their mental health. However, they were facing eviction if they didn’t make rent, and they didn’t know how to make ends meet.

Overwhelmed by financial stress, they turned to Bissell Centre for help. Their support worker, who had already established a trusting relationship with the couple, had completed Financial Coaching workshops, and could offer expert guidance.

Creating a budget in a judgement-free space allowed the couple to be honest with themselves and each other. They created a goal of tracking their spending and finding ways to reduce expenses.

They learned to set a budget, identify where they were overspending, and agree on reasonable monthly limits. They follow up consistently with their support worker to ensure their financial plan’s continued success.

Financial empowerment is essential to improving the lives of low-income community members, especially as the cost of everyday living rises. YOU are helping our community members gain the skills that improve their lives.

Your support drives Bissell Centre programs like Financial Literacy and Financial Coaching workshops, giving our front-line teams the tools to better support community members.

*names have been changed to protect community members’ privacy

Employment Services

You eliminate barriers to finding sustainable, meaningful employment

When we first met J.V.D., we saw someone who desperately wanted to find steady work. Unfortunately, their struggles with mental health were taking a toll on their self-confidence, and they had doubts about finding a job.

Your support turned everything around for J.V.D. Our Employment Services program exists to ensure Edmontonians like J.V.D. gain stability and safety. We help community members reach their potential by working to remove barriers to finding and maintaining gainful employment.

J.V.D. participated in a number of Skill Development workshops. Within several months, their mental health improved significantly and they had the confidence to begin their job search.

With the help of their Job Placement Specialist, J.V.D. went for an interview and they were offered their desired position soon after.

Workforce Development ensures community members have timely access to the support that meets their needs. We continue to support J.V.D. by offering transportation to and from work on weekends. They now feel confident about consistently getting to work on time. And reliable transport home means they have extra time for self-care after work.

Thank you for helping eliminate multiple barriers to sustainable self-sufficiency. You’re changing lives by helping community members re-enter the workforce.

Celebrating Our Valuable Partnerships

The 2024 Chinatown Impact Award

We’re honoured to receive the 2024 Chinatown Impact Award, alongside other organizations and individuals working to create a healthier, safer community.

Your steadfast support resounds in the heartfelt tribute delivered at the Lunar New Year Banquet held in Dynasty Century Palace:

The Bissell Centre’s outreach team and staff have been invaluable partners for projects such as the Untouchable Chinatown and Chinatown After Dark, along with many other collaborations and day-to-day relationship building.

Their staff have supported a healthier and safer Chinatown community and a caring, educational, and trauma-informed approach to everything they do.

man receiving award

What’s Happening Next?

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars and join us in recognition of these important dates. Your support – whether in person or in solidarity – is always felt by the Bissell Centre community.

May 5

Red Dress Day (National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls)

June 21

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Sept 30

Truth and Reconciliation Day

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