Bissell Centre, along with Boyle Street Community Services, provides street level access to programs and services to those who’ve been victims of crime. This program offers a safe gateway for marginalized people to acquire information and receive support to ultimately access and successfully navigate the Criminal Justice System.

This program is unique to Canada and an important service to low income victims of crimes, mostly violent crimes.

Our Victim Support Services staff members also assist individuals with:

  • one on one case management to ensure social and emotional support
  • identifying participants who are eligible to access financial benefits
  • court support and assistance with documentation
  • crisis intervention, risk and needs assessment and safety planning
  • teaching financial literacy skills
  • community awareness education

Vulnerable Person Support Services

Our Vulnerable Person support worker provides street-level access through Bissell Centre and Boyle Street Community Services to programs and services for those at risk of victimization and/or perpetration of crime. We provide court support for accused individuals, connection to the Alternative to Warrant Apprehension program, crisis intervention and intensive case management, safety planning, information and resource sharing, supported referrals, outreach assistance, financial literacy, and follow-up support to individuals who are at risk of being victimized due to survival crimes, first level infractions, intimate partner or family violence, and/or mental health concerns.

Eli Schrader
Integrated Case Manager – Team Lead
Inner City Victim Services
Cell:      780.231.9423
Office:   780.423.2285, ext. 125

For more information contact:

Rob Sipes  
Phone: 780.232.7840

Rayann Fleming
Phone: 780.994.3295