Community Closet

The Community Closet is a voucher-based system assisting low income families and individuals by providing gently used and/or new clothing at no charge. This program, originally offered at the Bissell Centre’s Thrift Shoppe, is located at Intake/Reception in Bissell Centre’s East building. The Community Closet has proven to be very successful as service users now have their own place to ‘shop’ with dignity assisted by dedicated support staff.

External agencies may refer clients to Bissell Centre’s Intake Program for a voucher to access the community closet. Please refer clients to visit Bissell Centre’s Drop In Centre during intake hours (Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 9am – 3:30pm) in the West building.

Items available include:

  • Seasonal clothing for men, women & children
  • Footwear and Socks
  • Jackets, Sweaters, Pants, Jeans, T-Shirts, Shorts, Belts
  • Undergarments (New)

All items are donated to Bissell Centre and inspected by staff. New deliveries of product are made to the Community Closet twice a week.

Individuals and families are able to access clothing every two months, with an emergency set a clothing made available once between those two months. Service users must obtain a voucher from a Bissell Centre Intake Resource Worker or from a participating agency. More than twenty Edmonton non-profit organizations are active participants in this program.

“Here, the concentration is strictly on the client, where that wasn’t possible at the Thrift Shoppe. We’re building relationships. More and more people are coming in with a smile and walking away a little taller.”

- Community Closet Supervisor

For more information, please contact:

Madhu Khera – Manager, Bissell Centre Thrift Shoppe