Bissell Centre empowers people to meet their own basic daily needs, participate in community, have sustainable livelihoods, feel hope for the future, and make plans for a prosperous life.

Our programs are only possible with the support of our donors and volunteers. There are many ways to support what we do—from volunteering to making a gift. By donating your time, your funds, or your compassion, you can help us grow and extend our reach to touch the lives of many more people.

Corporate Gifts

We value the relationships we have with our partners. Corporate gifts provide renewed hope and the chance for a new life for someone in need. For details on a variety of programs and projects your gift can support are please contact Kelly Sysak at or 780.423.2285 ext. 114

Give Monthly

Monthly gifts are dependable funds that allow us to plan confidently for a successful future. More importantly the stability helps build long-term relationships with the people we’re helping, creating lasting change. It’s easy and convenient. Become a Community Hero!

Start a Fundraiser

Help our community overcome poverty by hosting a fundraiser or doing a donation drive with family, friends, or colleagues to help our community overcome poverty. Please visit our Community Giving webpage or contact Genni Moneny at for ideas and support to help make your event a success.


Bissell Centre partners with Donate-A-Car Canada to accept donations of vehicles. Contact Donate-A-Car Canada to arrange a free towing or drop off of your vehicle. Donors will receive a tax receipt issued by Bissell Centre.


Donations made to DONATE A RIDE, a City of Edmonton initiated charity, enables Bissell Centre to provide transit tickets to low-income Edmonton families who rely on bus transportation to get to Bissell Centre, their place of work, educational institution.

In-Kind Contributions

We gratefully accept donations of gently used or new clothing, accessories, and household goods. Such items make a considerable difference in the well-being of our community members. Please check out our list of the items we currently need, along with drop-off location information.

Additional Ways to Help

Campbell’s Labels may be collected and given to Bissell Centre. We then cash in the label’s to receive great supplies for our Child and Family Services programs.

Air Miles may be given to Bissell Centre. Use our account number 80066847657 to pass on your Air Miles to us!

HBC Rewards may also be donated to Bissell Centre. Our account number is 7303054.

Bissell Centre is accredited under Imagine Canada’s national Standards Program. The Standards Program is a Canada-wide set of shared standards for charities and nonprofits designed to strengthen practices in five fundamental areas: board governance; financial accountability and transparency; fundraising; staff management; and volunteer involvement.

Still have questions?

Please contact Lauren Becker at, or 780.423.2285 ext. 365.