Construction is underway on our new Childcare
Opening Spring 2020


Bissell Centre is one of 122 Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Centres in Alberta. Our program will provide child care for children aged 0 to 5 years with maximum fees of $25 per child per day.

As part of this three-year pilot program, Bissell’s ELCC will receive funding to improve its accessibility and affordability. Families can expect monthly, full-time fees to be reduced to $550 per child (no subsidy).

Program Overview

Our ELCC program is designed to foster improved early childhood development outcomes so your child can get the best possible start to life.

We have three outdoor play areas to encourage play and plan field trips throughout the summer months, which are included in your costs. Our program also takes great pride in being able to keep parents informed of their child’s learning environment within our centre.

We provide two healthy snacks and one meal throughout the day.


Questions about Participating in Bissell’s ELCC

Who is eligible to receive $25/day child care?
Eligibility for child care subsidy at an ELCC Centre is the same as it is at any licensed or approved child care program.

What will the fees be if I have provincial child care subsidy?
If you are currently approved to receive provincial child care subsidy your parent portion will be adjusted accordingly. For those that receive maximum subsidy, the parent portion will be $0.

Is part-time care available?
No, part-time care is not available to those enrolled in Bissell’s ELCC program.

Priority of children joining the ELCC is as follows:

  • Children already attending the program
  • General public waitlist

Will this increase how many children will participate in Bissell’s Child Care Centre?
We are licensed to serve a set number of children based on the size of the playroom. Our ratio of Educators to children does not change as this is a provincial-licensing requirement.

What is the new monthly fee for Bissell’s ELCC?
Fees will continue to be charged on a monthly basis, and the monthly fee for ELCC Centres will be $546 per child. This is based on an average number of days per month per year multiplied by $25/day. All children enrolled in ELCC programs will be charged the same fee regardless of age. Full fees will be charged for children who miss any part of the month due to illness or vacation or choosing to not attend program field trips.

Does Bissell’s ELCC require a pre-authorized payment plan?
Yes. All families are required to have a valid Pre-Authorized Payment Plan even if your fees will be $0. If a child who has subsidy should not attend the required hours or if any additional fees are incurred, families are responsible for paying the balance owing which will be automatically deducted through a Pre-Authorized Fee Withdrawal.

What happens if $25 a day funding is not renewed?
Bissell Centre is committed to operating a child care centre that works to serve vulnerable families. We are committed to ensuring that our child care rates are competitive and take into consideration the families Bissell Centre serves. Families will need to be prepared to pay the parent portion.



Apply for Our Program

*Space is limited. Our program is for pre-school aged children (0-6 yrs).

Please contact us if you have any questions 780.429.4126